Family Values Quarterly Coupon Magazine is a high quality, full-color direct mail coupon magazine in the Lincoln market. Our magazine is user-friendly and not viewed as junk mail. Our strengths include:

Experience & Reputation – For over 22 years we have been known for working with integrity and character, resulting in the highest renewal rate in the industry. In fact, we have businesses who have been advertising with Family Values Magazine since our very first issue over 22 years ago.

Magazine Format – Unlike other print media, Family Values Quarterly has a shelf life of up to 3 months. This means that you receive up to a 3-month return for a single investment.

Exclusivity – We offer exclusivity for certain businesses. This allows you to buy out your own backyard AND buy out your competition.

Zoned Distribution – We offer a targeted mailing to 21,000-42,000 customers surrounding your business with no wasted circulation.

Cost Effective – Our price includes design, graphics, photography, printing and postage.

Content – We promote “everyday” products like food, clothing and entertainment, making us popular and referred to regularly.

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What Others Are Saying

  • I would like to thank Mary Friesen for inviting me to be an advertiser in Lincoln Family Values.  It has helped my business, Paw Naturale Pet Grooming, increase its customer base.  Lincoln Family Values is the only advertising I need. Thanks again, Mary.

    Kenne Owen Owner of Paw Naturale Pet Grooming
  • What an easy way to advertise with no hassle on my part. Generates great traffic flow!

    Mitchell Murphy Owner of Papa Murphy's
  • Mary is always a pleasure to work with. Family Values is some of the best advertising we do.

    Jamie Ramaekers Owner of Nebraska Sod
  • Family Values has been our best form of advertising to get new customers and existing customers to come check us out. Try them and you won't be disappointed.

    Nikki Saathoff Owner of Edge Women's and Men's Apparel
  • Family Values has been one of the best advertising investments we have made as a company. 75% of the jobs we complete hand us a Family Values coupon which tells me that people are seeing our ad. Thanks for offering such a good product, Mary.

    Dave Epp President of Epp Concrete
  • We have used the Family Values magazine in our marketing plan for many years. The consistency in their product is excellent. The staff is creative, helpful and always pleasant. I actually have customers call asking for an early notice on upcoming coupons.

    Ken Svoboda Owner of Ray's Lawn & Landscape
  • We have advertised with Family Values for over 10 years. The magazine is very professionally done.

    Cherie Travis Owner of Rachel's Boutique